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Digital Transformation Qaf - Examination System

We saved Itqan Institute’s time and efforts

    Itqan Institute is an educational institute that runs exams annually as well as runs occasional contests. Organizing the examinations/ evaluations/ contests is time and efforts consuming activity for the organization that cost them a month of preparation to ensure fairness and inclusiveness of topics.

    INMOGR worked closely with Itqan to learn about every single step they do to complete these business activities from the moment students are enrolling to the exam/contest until the students get their results.

   INMOGR helped Itqan to digitize this business activity that resulted in lots of savings on additional unnecessary costs such as overtime employment expenses and other related expenses to acheive these tasks. Besides, we saved them lots of time and efforts and made their results far more accurate and fair.

Digital Transformation Ammerny - Hajj & Umrah

We turned Ammerny to be Globally Reachable

    Ammerny is a travel agency specialized in Hajj and Umrah travel and tourism. They help people to get visas, accomodation, flights, transportation and more to make their Hajj and Umrah easy and simple. Accepting requests and following up with it is very hard task to do without a system to keep track of all customers especially those loyal ones. Moreover, it has potential to missing dates, deadlines, feedbacks and other things.

    INMOGR got engaged with OLDAHU and analyzed their work and requirements as well as what matters the most for their business and their customers. INMOGR transformed their 90’s style of work into modern fully digital processes to allow them to accept applications from all around the world without having to be worried about working hours.

   With our digitization and transformation strategy we turned OLDAHU into a simple and easy to use mobile application their customers from all around the world can simply get their Umrah and Haj request completed within few clicks and stay updated with instant notifications. Furthermore, follow up on issues never been easier with system to notify customer support about new feedbacks, applications, requests, etc to save time and money as well as bring more customers on board.


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