We helped Noumena to build their Social Media Platform for freelancers for both Android and iOS; as well as, we built strong foundational APIs to keep users connected and discoverable by each other. Besides, ensuring the best security and privacy strategy to keep users’ data secure, private and safe.

Noumena, USA



It is horse racing fan club. We analyzed an existing version of FRED that was offered for Android only and helped them to re-build the mobile app with more features, functionalities, and stability as well as social media featuresthat runs on both Android and iOS.

FRED, Australia

Let's Get Care


We built highly performing webstore that allows service providers to offer their services and customers to pick the service they need. We used React and Node to build powerful and well performing e-commerce site that is future proof for other kinds of services.

Let's Get Care, Australia



We built an entire digital bank based on given requirements. We delivered highly performing and secure mobile banking that replaces the need of a physical branch with features like opening bank account, payment, QR payment, transfer and more.

In1Bank, Australia



We developed a financial system that helps specific group of people to get fund for themselves. To do so, we needed to connect with multiple 3rd parties to perform checkups on the applicant and make instant decision whether they are fit or not for the financing request.

Chameleon, USA

AM Bank


We rebuilt the frontend of the mobile app of the bank with a modren and smooth user experience. We analyzed all the issues faced in an existing version and rebuilt the entire app with strong foundations that is scalable and easy to use.

AM Bank, Malaysia



We built a new smart tag system that makes it smooth for drivers to go through tolls and parkings. We analyzed the needs and studied existing systems like the Japanese example. We integrated the system with auto reload methods such as banking and credit cards.

TNG, Malaysia

RHB Bank


We developed a financial tool to allow the SME customers of the bank to apply for business loan. Which requires integrating with 3rd parties to verify businesses and its income then assign the request to most suitable agent to follow up on the matter.

RHB Bank, Malaysia

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